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Lacrosse Equipment Drive for Southern Germany

Sixteen years after this great sport was brought to Germany, lacrosse is developing faster than ever here in southern Germany. Now the older and more established clubs (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Munich) would like to help this cause in any way they can.


One of the obstacles to growth here is the lack of access to equipment for teams trying to get off the ground.


And that’s where you and your old equipment can make a huge difference.


Our mission is to collect donations of used equipment from teams, schools, coaches and players, and ship them here where we can distribute them to various teams in the area. Anything in good working order, be it sticks, helmets (in youth or adult sizes), gloves, shoulder pads, etc. would be very useful to the new players here. Our greatest need right now is for protective equipment. We are also collecting women’s FIL approved sticks and goggles.


Most importantly, we will handle all shipping costs to Germany. We obviously don’t want it to cost you anything, except for a small amount of your time!


For more details about how to get involved please contact us at: flocutus(at) We look forward to hearing from you and growing our international lacrosse community - with your help.

Faszination Lacrosse